Eugene "Ocean" Verspoor

Director – Charter management

 A seasoned sailor and former sailing yacht owner, Ocean has called Indonesia his home for over two decades. His profound love for the sea has taken him to the vast corners of the Indonesian archipelago, providing him with unparalleled experiences and insights. With an extensive background in the yacht charter business, Ocean's depth of knowledge is a testament to his passion and commitment to the maritime industry. Living amidst the serene beauty of Indonesia, he continues to share his expertise, ensuring both novice and experienced sailors benefit from his wealth of experience.

Kees Groenendijk

Director -Bespoke management

As a successful entrepreneur and passionate adventurer, Kees has carved a niche for himself in the maritime world as a super yacht owner-operator for the past decade. His deep-rooted love for the ocean is complemented by his extensive knowledge of Indonesia, making him an authority in the realm of luxury maritime experiences. Beyond the helm of his super yacht, Kees is a visionary who continually ventures into new horizons, always eager to explore and bring innovative perspectives to his ventures.

The Chronicles of Kees & Ocean: Navigators of the Archipelago

Having spent significant years in Indonesia, Kees and Ocean know the ins and outs of the yacht charter landscape like the back of their hands. Their journeys took them from the bustling markets of Sorong, Papua, where they would indulge in friendly haggling matches, to the tranquil beaches of Bali.

The duo's familiarity with Indonesia isn't just limited to its waters. They know most yacht operators in the region, giving them an edge in the industry. Their extensive network is a testament to their expertise, and their office, adorned with a vast map pinpointing all their adventures, is a site of pride and reflection.

However, it isn't just business that drive them. Their shared passion for the sea and the thrill of discovery make every voyage an unforgettable experience. While they have charted nearly every corner of Indonesia by sea, there is always more to explore.

One day, as they surveyed their map, an idea formed. They have navigated the vast archipelago by sea, but what about the intricate roadways and hidden treasures of the islands? Perhaps it is time for a new kind of adventure.

And so, with the same spirit that has driven them across the waves, the duo is setting out to explore the land. In the most remote area's of the archipelago. 

Proving once again that for Kees and Ocean's, life is always about the journey and not just the destination, and they comprehend the ideal blend of luxury and adventure, ensuring each trip is customized to your preferences.


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