In 2012, esteemed yacht designer Marcelo Penna of Barcelona designed Lamima to be both elegant and strong. With 900 sqm of usable space, the yacht offers 400 sqm of open deck area. Furthermore, Marcelo has provided Lamima with an impressive sail wardrobe, making it an ideal sailing vessel with the luxurious features of a super-yacht.





Combining the graceful elegance of a traditional phinisi and modern amenities and safety features used by leading super yachts, Silolona allows you to explore Indonesia and its cultural and natural wonders with a unique and unparalleled level of service. Choose your own voyage, complete with experiences tailored to your wishes, preferences, and needs. With Silolona and her experienced crew, discovering the seas is a destination of its own.

Prana by Atzaró 

the largest and most luxurious phinisi vessel in the world—brings to life an authentic Indonesian seafaring experience. Boasting nine elegant suites spread across four decks, the 55-meter hand-crafted solid wood boat features 900 square meters of usable space, ensuring a comfortable stay at sea. Further promising awe-inspiring views, Prana’s impressive two-mast design is equipped with seven sails, allowing guests to marvel at the tranquil Indonesian waters.

Dunia Baru

Dunia Baru pairs the technologies of a modern super yacht with the highest levels of Indonesian master craftsmanship.

The private charter experience onboard the Dunia Baru is hard to describe. A yacht inextricably linked to its surroundings sailing through one of the world’s most marine rich waters.A belonging as you become one with remote archipelagos untouched by time.


Aqua Blu

Aqua Blu is Aqua Expeditions first vessel to hit the waters of Indonesia, she is the perfect yacht for cruising and exploring the oceans of Indonesia. Originally Aqua Blu was built in 1968, and then in 2017 she had quite the overhaul and was fully refurbished, and after two long years, she was re-launched back in 2019.

Aqua Blu is a unique vessel which has a  fascinating past and is renowned  for delivering high-end and luxurious cruising with the convenience of speed and sturdiness across the Indonesian archipelago.


Aman’s flagship yacht, Amandira is a custom-built, two-masted Phinisi sailing and diving vessel with five spacious cabins and a crew of 14. 

The crew of 14 includes two chefs, a dive master and a massage therapist The foredeck’s lounge is perfect for sunbathing on loungers, drinks at sunset and stargazing. Spacious indoor and outdoor lounging and dining area with a TV and library. Scuba diving overseen by an experienced dive master


Distinctive and elegant, Vela’s contemporary interior elevates adventure yachting and celebrates Indonesian craftsmanship.

Guests may sip a cocktail in the spacious lounge complete with a bar and wine cellar, surrounded by unobstructed views, meditate on the serene yoga deck, enjoy a massage in the comfort of their own room, and dine in one of our dedicated indoor and outdoor dining areas.



Alila Purnama

Welcome aboard the Alila Purnama, an extraordinary vessel crafted in the traditional Phinisi style. With its 46-meter length, this majestic ship offers an unparalleled adventure through the stunning Indonesian waters while providing a serene and luxurious experience.

Designed to ignite your sense of wanderlust, the Alila Purnama is a masterpiece that seamlessly blends the beauty of Indonesian craftsmanship with modern amenities. Its traditional wooden structure and intricate details transport you back in time, evoking a sense of awe and wonder.


Si Datu Bua 

MSV Si Datu Bua (Beloved Princess) is built by the master Konjo boat builders of Sulawesi to exacting German Lloyds specifications, this magnificent vessel melds the best of traditional island sailing vessels with all of the modern amenities and safety features.

From the Sulawesi Sea to the mountains of Toradja in combination with our fully refurbished intricately carved 164-year-old clan house on the slopes of Gunung Sesean. Sidatu’s tastefully appointed décor, spacious decks, delightful Asian fusion cuisine and full range of aquatic activities provide the perfect counterpoint for a combined land & sea adventure.

Kuda Nil Explorer

Kudanil Explorer is an expedition vessel built to explore the most remote areas of Indonesia. The ship is sturdy, but she’s also luxurious. Kudanil Explorer features first-class accommodations, an unrivaled activities deck, and warm, attentive service from a crew of 21.

The ship’s structure and design as an Ex Safety Standby Vessel make her one of the safest seafaring vessels in the region. Kudanil Explorer can venture to areas of the archipelago that other boats simply cannot reach.